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General information
Category Ragnarok Online
Experience 140
Server type pre-Renewal
Emulator rAthena
Country Mexico
Language International
Site / Forum URL http://oldschro.net/
Status Online
Published by somer14
Created on 07-03-2021
Last update 09-03-2021
Votes 6
Ranking 3
*Rates: 140x140x70.
*Drop: Card normales(1.00%) *Card mvp y miniboss(0.01%) *Geminis,Samalander,Byorgue cards(0.50%).
*Episodio: 13.3+ - El Dicaste.
*Modo de Servidor: Pre-Renewal
*Nivel Maximo: 99/70
*Max Stats: 99.
*Max ASPD: 190.
*Instant Cast: 150.
*Idioma NPC: Español e Ingles.
*Max Share Rang: 20 Niveles
*Vykimo Battleground Extended.(Capture the Flag, Team DeathMatch, Eye of Storm, Conquest, Kreiger Von Midgard, Stone Control, Domination, Rush).
*Max Cap en WoE: 22 miembros
*Gepard Shield (@lgp, @circle, @aoes).