L2DryMultiSkill Vote this server
General information
Category Lineage 2
Chronicle H5
Experience 3
Server type Multiskill
Platform L2J
Country Argentina
Language Spanish
Site / Forum URL http://www.l2dry.com
Status Online
Published by L2DryCommunity
Created on 17-12-2020
Votes 0
Ranking 14
Server Rates:

XP = x3
SP = x3
Drop = x4
Spoil = x10

Quest Drop = x1
Quest Rate = x1
Quest Reward = x1
Raid Boss Drop = x1

Gand Boss Drop = 1x

Buff Limit = No Limit

Raid and Grand Boss Drop Protection = 180 secs(3 min).

Adena = x10
Party XP = 1.5x

The GmShop contains all items from D-grade to TOP S84(Vorpal and Elegia), but this last 2 can only be earned with farm coins and the respective sealed parts.

NPC Buffer Coomon (improves/3rd class buff/pet not included)
AIO Buffer Complete

Any party member can invite, not only the leader.