L2Rarity Vote this server
General information
Category Lineage 2
Experience 3
Server type Normal
Platform L2J
Country Poland
Language International
Site / Forum URL https://l2rarity.com/
Status Online
Published by l2rarity
Created on 26-11-2020
Votes 0
Ranking 16

EXP x3

SP x3

Adena x3

Weekend Boost (all rates): x1.33

Drop x3

Spoil x5

Quest x3

Party exp/sp - x2

Raid Boss drop - x3


Subclass quest - retail

Nobless quest - retail

Buff slots - 60+4

Customs quest rates (see detailed table below)

vote item
donate items
newbie items (free)
exchange for Influx of Machines quest (top B recipes)

NPC Buffer:

progressive buffer

only few buffs available (depends on your level; see detailed table below)

40 level max without voting

75 level max with voting

once a day you might use predefined scheme for full buff*

*4h normal buffs, 3h special, 2h dances/songs

*buff time will be reseted to retail after logging off