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General information
Category Ragnarok Online
Experience 5
Server type Ancient 2nd Class
Emulator rAthena
Country Gambia
Language International
Site / Forum URL
Status Online
Published by Niktomix
Created on 25-11-2020
Votes 1
Ranking 4
* Running on RO Browser which is being in development to implement all the missing features & skill effects
* Classic Features from 2003, max level 99/50, max stats 99, 2-1 jobs only
* Episode 4 up to 8 through updates later
* Only 2-1 jobs are available at the start, 2-2 will be available at Episode 7
* Updated cards and gears stats until recent days.
* Quest Warper to Available Towns & Dungeons when found.
* A Starter Pack is available as freebies
* Fast GM support on Discord
* Any suggestion and reports are welcome