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General information
Category Lineage 2
Chronicle High Five
Experience 7
Server type Normal
Platform L2J
Country Germany
Language English
Site / Forum URL http://www.l2.familyds.com
Status Online
Published by L2FamilyDS
Created on 05-10-2020
Votes 0
Ranking 22
Low rate High Five l2j server with some mid rate features for more fun and an easier gameplay. We promise you a long term server without any items or unbalanced features for sale.


- Exp. 7x, skill points 7x, drop 5x, adena 3x, spoil 3x
- Champions monsters with festival adena drop (max lv. 76)
- Accessories shop (available with festival adena)
- Olympiad Heroes every 2 weeks
- Auto learn skills (except forgotten scrolls)
- Auto learn Divine Inspiration
- Team vs Team event (festival adena reward)
- Custom PvE mana potions with 10s reuse delay (cannot use them in PvP)
- Drake Lord, Behemonth Leader and Dragon Beast got S84 Top Weapons drop
- Custom pvp title ranks and name color.