General information
Category Lineage 2
Chronicle H5
Experience 1000
Server type GvE
Platform L2OFF
Country Finland
Language English
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Status Online
Published by Reyden
Created on 05-08-2020
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Ranking 34
- All Skills High Five.
- All locations High Five.
- Freya.
- Seed of Destruction.
- Seed of Immortality.
- Seed of Destruction.
- Parnassus.
- Hellbaund.
- Collect gems attributes (collecting in the air and in the seeds).
- Battle for Earth.
- Hall ilyuzy.
- Populated by all the locations and Epilogue Freya, School Authority, Valley Lizards, Farm Wild Beasts, Abandoned Workshop, Monastery of Silence (almost all mechanisms and special AI).
- PvP komyunti board.
- Transfer of skills.
- Certification of the sub-classes.
- MTA epilogue.
- Sharpening skills (skill) meets High Five.
- Study Skills units.
- Fully implemented Frinteza by Frey (an instant).
- Complete a quest chain 4 cups (alternati