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Lineage 2InternationalINTERLUDEExp 7NormalL2J
Interlude l2crazy 100% retail x7

Lineage 2RussianC4Exp 10NormalL2OFF
We invite everyone to open the classic Lineage 2 C4 server with X10 rates on the PTS platform! Our server for all fans of the classic Lineage 2 C4 Someone did not play C4, and someone managed to play quite a bit on the official servers, so the fourth Chronicles will be interesting for both veterans of lineage 2 and newcomers.
Mu Silver S6

MU OnlineSpanishExp 10PVE
Servidor Slow Dificil [Exp 10x & drop 40%]ven y unete a nuestra comidad a que esperas prueba algo diferente y duradero.