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Category Lineage 2
Chronicle High Five
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Published by jopan74
Created on 18-12-2019
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New drop list Valakas-Antharas with Elegia!!!
All RaidBosses 79+ have drop Moirai or Icarus!!!
Teleport from Rune to Virgil Balcony.Tip for Nobless Quest!!!
PvP zone Parnasus. All mobs have drop attribute stones, crystals and Giant's Codex Mastery!!!
3 RaidBosses into Antharas Lair with drop list.
Instance of Frintezza, first room spawn half mobs for less lag
Max level 48 into Queen Ant nest!!!
Harder Sailren Level 85 with better drop list!!!
Seed Of Destruction fixed with half mobs into instance and TIAT with better drop list!!!
Olympiad system... no 3v3 and class based matches.Only general (no class) matches!!!
Olympiad system free!!!